Sacred Cedar

Direction: Below
Sacred Cedar Wisdom offers to you: ~ human family ~

The Sacred Cedar Hoop collection represents the grace of the Cedar tree as a symbol of life, in a Hoop that shows the cycle of life: that we are all in this together- One Human Family. 

With the jewelry I make, I want to remind you of your connection to Nature and the Cosmos, and to find the inner strength to shine your light into the world.

I have immigrated to this beautiful place on Unceded Coast Salish Territory known as Vancouver. I feel so blessed to have grown up playing in Cedar groves and observing the magic of the Cedar tree. As I learn and hang out with the magical protective properties of the Western Red Cedar, I get closer to the land, the trees, and understand people better.

Wear the Sacred Cedar Hoop to remind you that you are part of the circle or hoop of life. If we think of the human family as a chain, each link in the chain is represented by each human on Earth. Your link has the responsibility to hold the two links next to it, creating a strong link in the chain of humanity. What can you do to make yourself stronger and kinder, to be a dependable part of the human family


Direction: North
Shield Wisdom offers to you: How do you shield yourself? With LOVE or FEAR? Can you stand behind all the love you have in your life and beam it forward?

Shields can have different uses and meanings.

You can use a shield defensively to go into battle to actively block your opponent and you can also use a shield to hold your love and beam it forward. Shields are also built to hold the wishes, love, hopes and agreements of a community.

If you are attracted to the Shield perhaps you need to set up some protection practices in your life. Sometimes life feels overwhelming, you may feel too sensitive to be in this world, or you feel you are constantly going into battle. Perhaps you need a reminder that you are strong and have the courage to go through your daily life and the challenges that are facing you right now.

Shield yourself with all the LOVE you do have in your life so you can face your life shielded with LOVE not fear.

These shields are made of copper, a conductive material that holds the energy you infuse it with. The shields are pointed – pointing forward the love you have that protects you. The sides of the shield slope back and are stepped so that antagonistic or problematic energies that come toward you can clump and slide off these steps.  With the reminder of the shield you wear, you shift your understanding that you have control and you can create a safer space for yourself to be in.

Black Star

Direction: West
Black Star wisdom offers to you: ~ deep mystery ~

Black Star is the nothingness.
The deep dark black space.
The great mystery.
formless unknown.
It can reflect our
dark side + our cosmic connection to universal intelligence- with all encompassing, all potential, and omnipresence.
It is the space between the stars. The ether.
The unifying matrix.

Black Star collection can serve you in reminding you to:

  • Do you need to rest at this time in your life?

  • Do you need to step back, slow down, or just be?

  • Be reassured to feel ok to be suspended with no direction at this time.

  • Be open to Universal guidance

  • The need to sit with dark emotions