Fairy Tale Collection

Direction: South

Fairytale Wisdom offers you:
~ to daydream with your animal friends + to love your imaginative inner child ~

Fairytale Collection aims at capturing that very sweet essence of innocent childhood. This collection brings you to that time when storybooks and fairytales would seize your imagination, when the worlds of your inner and outer self had such a thin veil that you really did believe you could fly + talk to animals. This collection is for us to remember this dreamy + imaginative quality we all possess within.

Fairytale Collection stands out as jewelry because it connects each person to a memory or animal totem from their own childhood.

The images represented are:

The Creature of Twilight: You perceive a cat, jackal or fox wearing with whiskers in this image.

Flea Lady: She is a little flea that is oh-so-very stylish. She is the Polish Thumbelina, she is pictured with horses and carriage.

Garden: a few leaves from a secret garden.

Mouse & Wheat: She holds a stem of wheat in her mouth.

White Rabbit: creates a nest.

With the jewelry I make, I want to remind you of your connection to Nature and the Cosmos, and to find the inner strength to shine your light into the world.