Find Your Truth



Direction: Centre

BONE Wisdom offers to you: ~ inner most truth ~

In this collection animal bones are used – the bones that were used to create these jewelry pieces are a treasure: a gift found in nature. They are proof that life existed before death + prove life goes on even after death.

As we look upon these bones and treasure their beauty, we can reflect on the bones, structure, and stories within our own body.

Death + Eternal life 
for bones are what stays after you are gone
Your truth is in your bones,
what is your story?
what is your heritage?

Scientists can study bones to articulate age, origin, and history of remains. 

Bones are our architecture- their structure houses our vital organs and builds the shapes within which we live. They are a protection of our vitality.

When you reach into the very inner layers of yourself, you hit bone, bone where vitality exists, where your life-blood/new blood cells are made in your marrow. 

Have you looked at bone structure under an electron microscope? It looks like files of paper. What is stored in your files? What is your story, your inner most truth?

A piece from the BONE collection can help you in your journey if:

You are in need of connecting to your inner most Truth.

You are looking at uncovering the deep personal or ancestral stories within in you.

To remind you of the miraculous-ness of life + death.

Is there something you are currently celebrating the life of?

Is there something you are currently memorializing the death of?