Creature of Twilight

Direction: South

The wisdom of the CAT – FOX – JACKAL
In this pendant you can see different animals based on the wisdom you need at that time: 

The cat, fox + jackal share the following traits in common:

Acute hearing, a strong sense of smell, keen survival instinct, shape shifting, moving at the edges at dusk + dawn, their space is at the borders of the forest or desert – which is a signal that the fairy realm can open to you

If you see a cat:
Cat Wisdom offers to you: ~ Self assuredness in the darkness ~

Celebrate your individuality, luxuriate in the night-time, trust the mystery, believe in magic, relax into your independence, appreciate yourself, let the quality of litheness lead you

If you see a fox:
Fox Wisdom offers to you: ~ Be Cunning ~

Be cunning to maneuver through your opponents, charm those you desire, craft the perfect strategy, be patient for outcomes, revel in the Feminine magic of camouflage, practice shape shifting, luxuriate in the nocturnal world

If you see a jackal:
Jackal Wisdom offers to you: ~ Craft the perfect execution ~

Craft the perfect execution: even if challenging, Connection to the canine world, Be shrewd with the information given to you, Anubis: the Jackal god of Egypt - guardian of underworld can give you understanding by opening the way to see your shadows; Use your perceptive senses- your instinct—through the darkness to the light