Direction: Below
Leaf Wisdom offers to you:
~ What is your energy source? ~

Plants hold their leaves at an angle to catch the suns’ rays to create food through a process called photosynthesis. In this process, plants use light energy from the sun, water from the earth, and carbon dioxide from the air to create nutrition to sustain themselves and as a result providing oxygen for humans to breathe.

  • What kind of nutrients do you fill yourself with?

  • Do you allow the sun to shine on your face, drink enough water, breathe deeply, eat healthy plant foods?

  • What is the spirit within which you take nutrients in? 

  • Do you alter the state of your being so that you can be grateful for the food you are eating? Do you allow this nutrition to feed + flow through your body, mind, and spirit?

  • Are there things you create so that you can offer to others?

  • What do you do that you can gift to others? For example; do you enjoy gardening allowing others to enjoy the beauty of the plants you have grown? 

  • “What is your energy source? And how do you allow it to flow in your body + life?

Wear a piece of jewelry from the Leaf Print Collection to remind you to be conscious of where you receive your energy from.


Direction: East
MOON Wisdom offers to you:
~ cycles of Nature + within you ~

Living in this fast paced world, with electric light, sometimes away from nature, you may get out of sync with your natural rhythms which can lead to overworking or overextending yourself. This isn’t the way you were meant to live.

The moon can empower you to understand the cycles in your body. As the moon cycles, so do you. Whether you menstruate or not the moon can give you clues to your inner world. The rhythm, the fluctuations, the flow of your emotions can show you the cycles that you have within your own body.

As the moon grows full and ripe so do you, as the moon wanes and loses light cloaking herself in shadows, so do you.

As you observe the moon and her cycles you can learn to see the moments in your own self and body. You may not be synced to the moon- you may have your own schedule. Women are the original timekeepers.

Observe yourself as you also observe the night sky! Look at the miracle of messages your body gives you if you are aware enough to hear them. Be your body’s friend. Understanding your cycles gives you power.


Direction: Above, the Cosmos
NEON LOVE Wisdom offers to you:
~ choose happiness + creativity ~

NEON LOVE is the pure love light from the Cosmos coming down to Earth to remind you of the joy + happiness you can create within yourself.

Don’t forget that you are a powerful creator. Your creativity helps the world.

What makes you happy - in the truest sense of the word - helps bring up your vibration. In turn, turning up the vibrations of those around you.

Bashar, a channeled being from the Cosmos, spoke about “following your excitement.” That is why in the NEON LOVE activation you say, “I follow my creativity.” Because when you follow your creativity and the purity of what YOU - yourself in your special way - can offer the planet, you build and cultivate that excitement.

Creativity looks different for everyone. Maybe you create music, or writings, maybe you create beautiful meals, fix a bike, garden or take care of children or the sick.

Creativity is what you define it as. 

Believe in yourself as a happy + creative person. Believe in NEON LOVE.

Birch | Betula pendula 

Direction: Below
Birch Wisdom offers to you:
~ Authentic expression ~

Wear Birch jewelry to remind you of the miraculous movement you have inside of you. Find ways to express this movement everyday.

Birch whispers:

Be touched by the wind and let yourself be danced
Let yourself move in your authentic expression
There is beauty in that