Direction: East

MOON Wisdom offers to you:
~ cycles of Nature + within you ~

Living in this fast paced world, with electric light, sometimes away from nature, you may get out of sync with your natural rhythms which can lead to overworking or overextending yourself. This isn’t the way you were meant to live.

The moon can empower you to understand the cycles in your body. As the moon cycles, so do you. Whether you menstruate or not the moon can give you clues to your inner world. The rhythm, the fluctuations, the flow of your emotions can show you the cycles that you have within your own body.

As the moon grows full and ripe so do you, as the moon wanes and loses light cloaking herself in shadows, so do you.

As you observe the moon and her cycles you can learn to see the moments in your own self and body. You may not be synced to the moon- you may have your own schedule. Women are the original timekeepers.

Observe yourself as you also observe the night sky! Look at the miracle of messages your body gives you if you are aware enough to hear them. Be your body’s friend. Understanding your cycles gives you power.