Nature Collection

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The Nature Collection consists of jewelry made directly from the materials offered by the trees + reverence of the Pacific Ocean. Using a magical process called nature casting, these mostly one-of-a-kind pieces from nature are reverently transformed into silver, copper + bronze. All these pieces were cast or embossed and made in ZULA’s studio on Unceded Coast Salish Territory known as Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Please note all these jewelry pieces are truly unique and will not be exactly as pictured.

The Nature Collections offered are:
Birch, Cedar, Sacred Cedar, Yellow Cedar, Earth + Sky, DUNE, Huckleberry at Night, Leaf, Oak, ROOT, VINE, Weeping Willow

All these jewelry pieces are made for all genders. DUNE is specifically made for those masculine expressed.





Earth + Sky




Huckleberry at Night









Weeping Willow


With the jewelry I make, I want to remind you of your connection to Nature and the Cosmos, and to find the inner strength to shine your light into the world.