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About Urszula

I am intuitive jeweller here to build a bridge of reverent connection between humans, and Nature and the Cosmos. I am a person who has a deep love of nature and acknowledges the healing power of the natural and cosmic world.

When I was a child I spent a lot of time outdoors observing nature, climbing trees, and creating art projects with leaves and twigs I found.  When I was eight years old, I would sneak off the school grounds at recess with other kids and conduct funerals and burial for dead birds we found. I also spent lots of time alone exploring the trees along the perimeter of the playground. Once in a while I would slip under the low lying branches of a tree and revel in the cozy shelter away from others. One day, I noticed a Holly Tree close to my secret hiding spot, I went to visit it, and was compelled to reach out and hold one if it’s branches in my hand. In that moment, a transmission between the tree and myself happened, I made a pact to be in devotion of Nature forever. It was a very serious and deep moment for me that I still remember significantly to this day.

I create jewelry directly using branches, roots and leaves from nature, the magic of crystals and gemstones, benevolent galactic rays, and the knowingness that there is a great beyond full of even more magic and wisdom;

I create jewelry as talismans and reminders of our connection to Nature and the Cosmic wisdom that we hold within us.

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Through my jewelry work and my social media photographs and videos, I pass on the messages from the trees with Tree Talk with ZULA, nature whispers and, NEON LOVE activations: bringing you messages of affirmation and empowerment.

I remind myself of this by wearing a ROOT piece almost everyday. A root that symbolizes my connection to Mother Earth, reminds me to ground which in turn reminds me to stop, and take some deep breathes. This always makes me feel better and reminds me that I am perfectly myself.

When you feel strong and grounded and know that the Universe has got your back, you truly can be yourself, strong in who you are. When you wear a piece of ZULA jewelry it reminds you of your strength, it reminds you to slow down and breath deeply, it reminds you of your connection to Nature even if you can’t get outside right now.  When you can feel your strength, breathe deeply and feel connected and grounded, you can be your truest self.

I had a friend who I gifted a pair of cedar stud earrings to as she was about to have a baby and knew that the dangly earrings soon had to go. On a regular check up just weeks before the due date, the doctors advised on inducing the birth for safety reasons for the health of the baby, she was to return to the hospital for the birth as soon as possible. Afraid as this was her first birth and not expecting to give birth right away, she followed her doctor’s instructions even though she would miss out on her home birth she had planned. She packed her bags and rushed back to the hospital where she gave birth to a healthy baby. She messaged me shortly after the birth and remarked on the Cedar earrings: “I was wearing my little cedar earrings the whole time of my delivery. I’m sure they made me stronger!”

Whether you just have eyes to look, or hands to feel, whether you want to spend $20 or take the time to design a custom piece with me, ZULA jewelry is available to help you feel your truest, most grounded and empowered self.