Release Your Sadness


Weeping Willow

Direction: Below
Weeping Willow Wisdom offers to you: ~ holds you when you are sad ~

Weeping Willow Whispers:

We Are The Willows
We watch over you
We help you cry
We help you feel
We have all that you need to feel protected
Walk underneath us. Let our branches sweep over you.
We love you
We love you

When you wear Weeping Willow you are reminded that you can create a safe space for yourself to release when you are sad.

A few years ago I was going through romantic heartbreak. I needed to cry and did not feel I had a safe space or shoulder to cry on.

I went for a walk in a park and noticed the elegant weeping willow trees. I walked towards them and found myself underneath their branches. The branches naturally create a private room under the tree and I felt safe. I laid down on the Earth and I was able cry and connect with all the sadness my heart felt. I felt that the tree held the space for me to feel safe with no judgment so that I could release the tears. I felt my heart grow golden with the healing of letting go the heaviness and found the strength to go on.

Sometimes you may find you are not able to release your tears around the company you keep or the environment you normally are in, you can go outside, find a willow tree and feel safe to release your tears.