Birch Ear Climber

Birch Ear Climber


Materials: Sterling silver
Dimensions: One size, individuals vary, approximately 4cm (1.5”)
*Sold individually

How should it fit? You wear these by sliding them into your first or second ear hole, flip them up so they follow the fold of your ear. You can pinch them to secure them.

They are sold: R for right- following the curve of your right ear and L for left- following the curve of your left ear.

Birch tree | Betula pendula

Direction: Below
Birch wisdom offers to you: ~ Authentic Expression ~

Wear Birch jewelry to remind you of the miraculous movement you have inside of you. Find ways to express this movement everyday.

Birch whispers:
Be touched by the wind and let yourself be danced
Let yourself move in your authentic expression
There is beauty in that

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