Sacred Cedar Hoop Earrings, Bronze

Sacred Cedar Hoop Earrings, Bronze


Sacred Cedar hoop earrings cast from nature on a 1mm 14k goldfill ear wire. These are cast from a mold of a cedar branch that grew in a curved shape; and is a repeated design.

Small, medium, large refer to hoop circumferences.

Materials: bronze with goldfilled wires


Small - inside diameter approximately 3cm (1”)

Medium - inside diameter approximately 3.5cm (1.25”)

Large - inside diameter approximately 4cm (1.5”)

How should it fit? Wear the earring with the wire centred in your earhole. This way the earring is perfectly balanced.

Direction: Below
Sacred Cedar Wisdom offers to you:

~ Human Family ~

The Sacred Cedar Hoop collection represents the grace of the Cedar tree as a symbol of life, in a Hoop that shows the cycle of life: that we are all in this together - one human family.

With the jewelry I make, I want to remind you of your connection to Nature and the Cosmos, and to find the inner strength to shine your light into the world. I have immigrated to this beautiful place on Unceded Coast Salish Territory known as Vancouver. I feel so blessed to have grown up playing in Cedar groves and observing the magic of the Cedar tree. As I learn and hang out with the magical protective properties of the Western Red Cedar, I get closer to the land, the trees, and understand people better.

Wear the Sacred Cedar Hoop to remind you that you are part of the circle or hoop of life. If we think of the human family as a chain, each link in the chain is represented by each human on Earth. Your link has the responsibility to hold the two links next to it, creating a strong link in the chain of humanity. What can you do to make yourself stronger and kinder, to be a dependable part of the human family?

Credit | Wawaha Product photo: Tanya King

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