Black Star Cosmic Connection Necklace

Black Star Cosmic Connection Necklace


Layered light weight glossy black acrylic encase gold coloured quartz crystals. Each necklace is made to order so will not look exactly as pictured.

Materials: acrylic, gold coloured quartz crystals, brass, gold plated brass chain

Dimensions: pendant measures 4cm x 9cm (1.75x3.5”)

Chain length: 46cm (18”),  total length 52cm (23.5”)

How should it fit? Chain is adjustable for different lengths.

Direction: West
Black Star wisdom offers to you: ~ deep mystery ~

Black Star is the nothingness.
The deep dark black space.
The great mystery.
formless unknown.
It can reflect our
dark side + our cosmic connection to universal intelligence- with all encompassing, all potential, and omnipresence.
It is the space between the stars. The ether.
The unifying matrix.

Black Star collection can serve you in reminding you to:

  • Do you need to rest at this time in your life?

  • Do you need to step back, slow down, or just be?

  • Be reassured to feel ok to be suspended with no direction at this time.

  • Be open to Universal guidance

  • The need to sit with dark emotions

    Credits | Model: Patti, Makeup: Iris Makeup, Hair: Regi Anselmi at Hair Love Studios, Photo: William Jans Photography, Product Photography: Tanya King

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