Creature of Twilight Necklace

Creature of Twilight Necklace


Fairytale Wisdom offers to you:
~ to daydream with your animal friends + to love your imaginative inner child ~

This curvy silver pendant reminds you to stay in touch with your imaginative inner child. The pendant shows an image of the Creature of Twilight, a mysterious being of the dusk that can help you uncover your 6th sense abilities through reflection of these ideas listed below…

Materials: sterling silver, oxidized

Dimensions:  pendant measures 21mm x 30mm (1 x 1¼”)

Chain length: chain available in 46cm or 51cm (18” or 20”)

How should it fit? Necklace sits just below the collarbone on the sternum.

Direction: South
Creature of Twilight Wisdom offers to you:

The wisdom of the CAT – FOX – JACKAL 

In this pendant you can see different animals based on the wisdom you may need at that time: 


The cat, fox + jackal share the following traits in common: 

  • acute hearing 

  • a strong sense of smell

  • keen survival instinct

  • shape shifting

  • moving at the edges at dusk + dawn, their space is at the borders of the forest or desert – which is a signal that the fairy realm can open to you


If you see a cat:
Cat Wisdom offers to you: ~ Self assuredness in the darkness ~

  • Celebrate your Individuality

  • Luxuriate in the Night-time

  • Trust the Mystery

  • Beleive in Magick

  • Relax into your Independence

  • Appreciate yourself

  • Let the quality of Litheness lead you


If you see a fox: 

Fox Wisdom offers to you: ~ Be Cunning ~

  • Be Cunning to maneuver through your opponents

  • Charm those you desire

  • Craft the perfect strategy

  • Be Patient for outcomes

  • Revel in the soft magick of camouflage

  • Practice shape shifting

  • Luxuriate in the Nocturnal world


If you see a jackal: 

Jackal Wisdom offers to you: ~ Craft the perfect execution ~

  • Craft the perfect execution, even if challenging

  • Connection to the Canine world

  • Be Shrewd with the information given to you

  • Anubis, the Jackal god of Egypt- guardian of underworld can give you understanding by opening the way to see your shadows

  • Use your perceptive senses- your instinct—through the darkness to the light 

Credits | Model: Jasmin, Makeup: Alexis Stafford, Hair: Diana Dickinson, Floral: Bellaflora Floral Design, Photography: Margo Maria, Product Photography: Tanya King

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