DUNE Seaward Ring

DUNE Seaward Ring

from 380.00

Materials: sterling silver or oxidized sterling silver

Dimensions:  approximately 13mm (.5”) wide

How should it fit? These rings are heavy and wide. Be prepared to feel the weight on your finger.

*These would make great wedding bands, just inquire.

Direction: Below
DUNE Wisdom offers to you: ~ Create Sanctuary ~

The sand dunes found on the Pacific West Coast are micro climates for the plants, animals, and insects that call these places home. These are sanctuaries in a bigger tougher world- with winds, waves, and storm surges that threaten their existence.

  • How do you create sanctuary for yourself?

  • How do you create sanctuary and safety for others?

  • Do you create sanctuary with your inclusive + protective presence?

Wear jewelry from the DUNE collection to remind you of the type of sanctuary you would like to create for yourself + others.

Credits | Model: Brendan, Photography: Kirill Bordon, Product photo: Tanya King

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