Earth + Sky Earrings

Earth + Sky Earrings


Reminding you of the balance you can create in your life, these bronze earrings feature a one of a kind cast root and cedar branch. For this reason each set of earrings will look different than pictured.

bronze + 14k goldfilled wire
Dimensions: Approximately 7cm length (2.75”) from ear hole

Earth + Sky wisdom offers to you:

~ your root + your reach ~

A tree plunges her roots deep down into the earth to gather nutrients, communicate, and find steadiness. At the same time the tree reaches her branches into the air, dancing with the wind, exploding leaves to gather nutrients from the Sun.

Perfect symmetry of above + below.

When you wear Earth + Sky earrings you are open to finding the balance + connection between your root + your reach.

Credits | Wawaha, Photography by Kirill Bordan, Product photo: Tanya King

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