Garden Necklace, Mini

Garden Necklace, Mini


Fairytale Wisdom offers to you:
~ to daydream with your animal friends + to love your imaginative inner child ~

This sweet and small silver pendant reminds you to stay in touch with your imaginative inner child. The image of the Garden invites you to ponder what you sow and grow through the ideas listed below…

Materials: sterling silver, oxidized

Dimension: pendant is approximately 1 cm x 1 cm

Chain length: chain available in 41cm, 46cm or 51cm (16, 18 or 20”)

Direction: South
Garden Wisdom offers to you:
~ what you sow + grow ~  

In children’s literature, the garden represents all the possibilities that are available to you. It is a place of wonder, play, sanctuary + secrecy.


What do you want to sow and grow for yourself? No one needs to know about it except you, it can be your secret and special place. 


Are you working on a special project that needs your time, love + attention? 

Are you planning something magical + fun

Let the Garden Jewelry inspire you to grow + sow your special projects, places, and secrets…

Credits | Photography: Tanya King

chain length:
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