Garry Oak Bud Necklace

Garry Oak Bud Necklace

from 380.00

Garry Oak | Quercus garryana

Materials: Silver or oxidized silver

Dimensions:  pendant is approximately 7cm (2.75”) across

Chain length: total necklace length is approximately 53cm (21”)  *custom lengths available

How should it fit? Around your neck with pendant resting on the flat plate of your chest.

Direction: Below
Garry Oak Wisdom offers to you:
~ your strength + potential to bloom ~

Garry Oak whispers:

The strength is in you.

 Like a bud,
you have the potential to
and show your beauty to the world. 

What is sitting
just under the surface?

Can the warmth of your heart
lead it to Bloom?

It's inside you.

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