Black Star Great Rift Earrings

Black Star Great Rift Earrings


Large and lightweight, these black acrylic earrings with a glossy finish are comfortable to wear featuring 14k gold-filled stems.

Materials: acrylic + 14k goldfilled stems

Dimensions: They are 6cm (2.5") long

Direction: West
Black Star Wisdom offers to you:
~ deep mystery ~

Black Star is the nothingness.
The deep dark black space.
The great mystery.
formless unknown.
It can reflect our
dark side + our cosmic connection to universal intelligence- with all encompassing, all potential, and omnipresence.
It is the space between the stars. The ether.
The unifying matrix.

Black Star collection can serve you in reminding you to:

  • Do you need to rest at this time in your life?

  • Do you need to step back, slow down, or just be?

  • Be reassured to feel ok to be suspended with no direction at this time.

  • Be open to Universal guidance

  • The need to sit with dark emotions

    Credits | Model: Patti, Makeup: Iris Makeup, Hair: Regi Anselmi at Hair Love Studios, Photo: William Jans Photography, Product Photography: Tanya King

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