High Vibe Body Chain

High Vibe Body Chain


This double triangle High Vibe body chain necklace is a great dance accessory as it sways as you move! It’s lighter in weight than it appears! Under black/UV light it glows bright!
Two chest triangles are held by a chain that comes over the head and is finished with two small triangles at the chain ends. Chain ends are staggered.

Materials: acrylic, nickel, brass, coloured aluminum chain
Dimensions: pendant measures approximately 12cm x 8cm (5x3”)
Chain length: 84cm (33”) at first pendant, ends drop asymmetrically at 180cm (72”)

Direction: above, the cosmos
NEON LOVE wisdom offers to you:
~ choose happiness + creativity ~

NEON LOVE is the pure love light from the Cosmos coming down to Earth to remind you of the joy + happiness you can create within yourself.

Don’t forget that you are a powerful creator. Your creativity helps the world.

What makes you happy - in the truest sense of the word - helps bring up your vibration. In turn, turning up the vibrations of those around you.

Bashar, a channeled being from the Cosmos, spoke about “following your excitement.” That is why in the NEON LOVE activation you say, “I follow my creativity.” Because when you follow your creativity and the purity of what YOU - yourself in your special way - can offer the planet, you build and cultivate that excitement.

Creativity looks different for everyone. Maybe you create music, or writings, maybe you create beautiful meals, fix a bike, garden or take care of children or the sick.

Creativity is what you define it as. 

Believe in yourself as a happy + creative person. Believe in NEON LOVE.

Credits | Models: Immigrant Lessons, Clothing: Lollop, Photographer: Joffrey Photo
Product Photo: Tanya King

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