Mouse Earrings

Mouse Earrings


Fairytale Wisdom offers to you:
~ to daydream with your animal friends + to love your imaginative inner child ~

These silver shepherd hook style earrings drop not far below the earlobe. The image of the mouse holding the wheat in her mouth spans across both earrings.

Materials: sterling silver, oxidized

Dimensions:  each earring is approximately 25mm long and 15mm wide (1 x.5”)

How should it fit? Earring on hook rests just below earlobe.

Direction: South
Mouse + Wheat Wisdom

Mouse Wisdom offers to you: ~ humbleness ~

The mouse is a small creature and lives close to the Earth.  She hears and feels everything. She is friends with the dandelions, grass, and clover. 

The world is large and the mouse finds comfort in her tininess because she knows she is part of everything. The mouse has the ability to see the details + at the same time feel the immensity of the Universe. 

What is humbleness to you? 

What makes you feel included?

What is your relationship with Earth?

Are there small details you need to look at? 

Do you take the time to look at the big picture?  

Wear the Mouse jewelry to connect you to the qualities of the mouse: humbleness, being in relationship with Earth, the small details as well as the big picture. 

In the image spanning the earrings, Mouse harvests the wheat


Wheat Wisdom offers to you: 
~ your harvest ~

When we think of harvest time, we think of the bounty we have collected, gratitude for our abundance and the spirit of generosity to break bread with others that can be a natural outcome as we head into the darkness of winter. 

What have you taken care of and then harvested?

What do you feel abundant with? 

How can you celebrate your harvest

Wheat jewelry can remind you that you have taken time to collect and store your harvest so enjoy it!


Credits | Photo: Tanya King

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