ROOT Grounding Earrings

ROOT Grounding Earrings


Silver cast roots found washed up on river banks are cast to make these one of a kind beauties. Each one is different and will not be as pictured. If you have a length preference please let us know!

Materials: sterling silver
Dimensions:  approximately 7cm length (2.75”), Individuals vary

Direction: Below
ROOT Wisdom offers to you: ~ grounding ~

A tree plunges her roots deep down into the earth and lives her life in one place. She watches the seasons change around her, animals and humans travel by, and communicates with the tree that came before her and those that came after.

  • Where do you come from?

  • Where are you settled?

  • What is your ancestral lineage?

  • What makes you feel grounded?

It is important to ground down during these times of change.

When you get grounded, you connect with Gaia, Mother Earth. When you ground down you can better hear your intuition and move through life from a place of solid standing + to better hear Gaia, and be of service to Her and the environment.

When you wear a ROOT piece of jewelry, you are reminding yourself of what True grounding is. In doing so you, you move from a solid place.

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