Summer Leaf Stud Earrings

Summer Leaf Stud Earrings


Keum Boo 24k gold layered on sterling silver to make these classic studs.

Materials: 24k gold + sterling silver
Dimensions:  12mm x 8mm

Direction: Below
Leaf Wisdom offers to you:
~ What is your energy source? ~

Plants hold their leaves at an angle to catch the suns’ rays to create food through a process called photosynthesis. In this process, plants use light energy from the sun, water from the earth, and carbon dioxide from the air to create nutrition to sustain themselves and as a result providing oxygen for humans to breathe.

  • What kind of nutrients do you fill yourself with?

  • Do you allow the sun to shine on your face, drink enough water, breathe deeply, eat healthy plant foods?

  • What is the spirit within which you take nutrients in? 

  • Do you alter the state of your being so that you can be grateful for the food you are eating? Do you allow this nutrition to feed + flow through your body, mind, and spirit?

  • Are there things you create so that you can offer to others?

  • What do you do that you can gift to others? For example; do you enjoy gardening allowing others to enjoy the beauty of the plants you have grown? 

  • “What is your energy source? And how do you allow it to flow in your body + life?

Wear a piece of jewelry from the Leaf Print Collection to remind you to be conscious of where you receive your energy from.

Credits | Model: Jen, Photography: ZULA, Product photo: Tanya King

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*Please note:

All pieces are made by hand. The Leaf Print collection is embossed with the texture of real leaves ZULA has found in nature. Each pendant and earrings will have a different vein pattern and be shaped in a different way. No two earrings are perfect matches, nor will the pendants look exactly as pictured and because of this, lend a unique charm to the collection.