Vine Bangle Bracelet

Vine Bangle Bracelet


Cast from vines that grew in spiral shapes.

Materials: bronze

Size:     small ~19cm (7.5”) circumference

Medium ~21cm (8.25”) circumference

Large ~ 23cm (9”) circumference

Dimensions:  approximately 6mm thick (.25”)

Vine Wisdom offers to you: ~ be supported ~

Vines are plants with stems that need support as they climb towards the Sun. Vines are climbing, striving, reaching, spiraling up, their sacred dance to reach the Light of the Sun! They find support in multiple directions… [read more] whether it’s on a fence, another plant, or another part of itself.

When you wear a bronze bangle bracelet you are reminded to feel + accept support from the others around you! The bangles have a pleasant tinkling sound as you wear them in multiples (stacked) celebrating your rise to success in whatever form that means to you!

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