Wheat Bangle Bracelet

Wheat Bangle Bracelet


Fairytale Wisdom offers to you:
~ to daydream with your animal friends + to love your imaginative inner child ~

This silver bangle reminds you to stay in touch with your imaginative inner child. Stack it with other pieces from the Fairytale Collection or add it to your own. The image shows Wheat that invites you to reflect on the meaning of harvest.

Materials: sterling silver, oxidized


small ~19cm (7.5”) circumference

Medium ~21cm (8.25”) circumference

Large ~ 23cm (9”) circumference

Dimensions: Charm on bangle is approximately 15mm x 16mm (¾” x ¾”)

How should it fit? Collapse your hand as if you were about to thread it through a bangle. Measure the widest part of your hand. This is the circumference of the bangle that’s best for you.

Wheat Wisdom offers to you: ~ your harvest ~

When we think of harvest time, we think of the bounty we have collected, gratitude for our abundance and the spirit of generosity to break bread with others.

Sharing our harvest with others can be a natural outcome as we head into the darkness of winter. 

  • What have you taken care of and then harvested?

  • What do you feel abundant with?

  • How can you celebrate your harvest?

Wheat jewelry can remind you that you have taken time to collect and store your harvest so enjoy it!

Credits | Model: Jasmin, Makeup: Alexis Stafford, Hair: Diana Dickinson, Floral: Bellaflora Floral Design, Photography: Margo Maria, Product Photography: Tanya King

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