Whiskers Bangle

Whiskers Bangle


Fairytale Wisdom offers to you:
~ to daydream with your animal friends + to love your imaginative inner child ~

This silver bangle reminds you to stay in touch with your imaginative inner child. Stack it with other pieces from the Fairytale Collection or add it to your own. The image of the Whiskers can help you uncover your perception abilities through reflection of these ideas listed below…

Materials: sterling silver, oxidized


Small ~19cm (7.5”) circumference

Medium ~21cm (8.25”) circumference

Large ~ 23cm (9”) circumference

Dimensions: size of charm on bangle is approximately 17mm x 14 mm  (¾” x ¾”)

How should it fit? Collapse your hand as if you were about to thread it through a bangle. Measure the widest part of your hand. This is the circumference of the bangle that’s best for you.

Whiskers Wisdom offers to you: ~ your perception ~

Whiskers are the magical organ of the Creature of Twilight – the cat, jackal, and fox. 
Whiskers are antennae, radar and touch receptors. 

They are so exquisitely sensitive with the roots of each whisker going deep into the body of these animals connecting to their muscular and nervous systems. Because of whiskers, the cat, jackal and fox can hunt in darkness and be guided to perceive where they can fit, jump and perch accurately. 

  • What do whiskers mean to you? 

  • What perception have you cultivated or not cultivated in your life? 

  • If you had an extra magical organ such as whiskers, how would your life be impacted? 

Wear Whiskers jewelry to remind you of the sensitivity of your perception to guide you through challenging places + times.

Photo Credit | Model: Jasmin + MJ, Makeup: Alexis Stafford, Hair: Diana Dickinson, Floral: Bellaflora Floral Design, Photography: Margo Maria, Product Photography: Tanya King

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