Direction: Below
Leaf Wisdom offers to you: What is your energy source?

Plants hold their leaves at an angle to catch the suns’ rays to create food through a process called photosynthesis. In this process, plants use light energy from the sun, water from the earth, and carbon dioxide from the air to create nutrition to sustain themselves and as a result providing oxygen for humans to breathe.

  • What kind of nutrients do you fill yourself with?

  • Do you allow the sun to shine on your face, drink enough water, breathe deeply, eat healthy plant foods?

  • What is the spirit within which you take nutrients in? 

  • Do you alter the state of your being so that you can be grateful for the food you are eating? Do you allow this nutrition to feed + flow through your body, mind, and spirit?

  • Are there things you create so that you can offer to others?

  • What do you do that you can gift to others? For example; do you enjoy gardening allowing others to enjoy the beauty of the plants you have grown? 

  • “What is your energy source? And how do you allow it to flow in your body + life?

Wear a piece of jewelry from the Leaf Print Collection to remind you to be conscious of where you receive your energy from.


Direction: Centre
BONE wisdom offers to you: inner most truth

In this collection animal bones are used – the bones that were used to create these jewelry pieces are a treasure: a gift found in nature. They are proof that life existed before death + prove life goes on even after death.

As we look upon these bones and treasure their beauty, we can reflect on the bones, structure, and stories within our own body.

Death + Eternal life
for bones are what stays after you are gone
Your truth is in your bones,
what is your story?
what is your heritage?

Scientists can study bones to articulate age, origin, and history of remains.

Bones are our architecture- their structure houses our vital organs and builds the shapes within which we live. They are a Protection of our vitality.

When you reach into the very inner layers of yourself, you hit bone, bone where vitality exists, where your life-blood/new blood cells are made in your marrow.

Have you looked at bone structure under an electron microscope? It looks like files of paper. What is stored in your files? What is your story, your inner most truth?

  • A piece from the BONE collection can help you in your journey if:

  • You are in need of connecting to your inner most Truth.

  • You are looking at uncovering the deep personal or ancestral stories within in you.

  • To remind you of the miraculous-ness of life + death.

  • Is there something you are currently celebrating the life of?

  • Is there something you are currently memorializing the death of?

Creature of Twilight

Direction: South
The wisdom of the CAT – FOX – JACKAL
In this pendant you can see different animals based on the wisdom you need at that time: 

The cat, fox + jackal share the following traits in common:

  • acute hearing

  • a strong sense of smell - keen survival instinct

  • shape shifting

  • moving at the edges at dusk + dawn, their space is at the borders of the forest or desert – which is a signal that the fairy realm can open to you

If you see a cat:
Cat Wisdom offers to you: ~ Self assuredness in the darkness ~

  • Celebrate your individuality

  • Luxuriate in the night-time

  • Trust the mystery

  • Believe in magic

  • Relax into your independence

  • Appreciate yourself

  • Let the quality of litheness lead you

If you see a fox:

Fox Wisdom offers to you: ~ Be Cunning ~

  • Be cunning to maneuver through your opponents

  • Charm those you desire

  • Craft the perfect strategy

  • Be patient for outcomes

  • Revel in the Feminine magic of camouflage

  • Practice shape shifting

  • Luxuriate in the nocturnal world

If you see a jackal:

Jackal Wisdom offers to you: ~ Craft the perfect execution ~

  • Craft the perfect execution, even if challenging

  • Connection to the canine world

  • Be shrewd with the information given to you

  • Anubis, the Jackal god of Egypt - guardian of underworld can give you understanding by opening the way to see your shadows

  • Use your perceptive senses- your instinct—through the darkness to the light