Direction: Below
Cedar Wisdom offers to you: ~ tree of life ~

  • Clearing + Cleansing

  • Protection

  • Strength

  • Purifying

  • Loving

  • Watching Over Humanity

Cedar Whispers:

As a Tree of Life we show you the Circle of Life. It’s good for humans to find their connection to nature so that they can get to know themselves better and be better for the planet, for themselves, and each other.  

The cedar gives much to humans:

  •  It’s purifying scent. This essence keeps the tree pure and the wood you build with clean. No wonder people like to make sauna with cedar- it’s cleansing.

  • Their branches can be woven and the spring in them shows the flexibility we need in life.

  • Cedar is a lightweight wood which lasts, showing you the lightness needed to live a long life.

  • Cedar bark is beautiful + distinguished. Cedar bark has been stripped for weaving and traditional craft. The shapes of the tree influences North West Native Art.

Hummingbirds often visit Cedar, and reminds humans of their purity, love + divinity. Cedar is a TREE OF LIFE

Garry Oak | Quercus garryana

Direction: Below
Garry Oak Wisdom offers to you:
~ your strength + potential to bloom ~

Garry Oak whispers:

The strength is in you.

 Like a bud,
you have the potential to
and show your beauty to the world. 

What is sitting
just under the surface?

Can the warmth of your heart
lead it to Bloom?

It's inside you.


Direction: North
Shield Wisdom offers to you:
~ How do you shield yourself?
With LOVE or FEAR? Can you stand behind all the love you have in your life and beam it forward? ~

Shields can have different uses and meanings.
You can use a shield defensively to go into battle to actively block your opponent and you can also use a shield to hold your love and beam it forward. Shields are also built to hold the wishes, love, hopes and agreements of a community.

If you are attracted to the Shield perhaps you need to set up some protection practices in your life. Sometimes life feels overwhelming, you may feel too sensitive to be in this world, or you feel you are constantly going into battle. Perhaps you need a reminder that you are strong and have the courage to go through your daily life and the challenges that are facing you right now.

Shield yourself with all the LOVE you do have in your life so you can face your life shielded with LOVE not fear.

These shields are made of copper, a conductive material that holds the energy you infuse it with. The shields are pointed – pointing forward the love you have that protects you. The sides of the shield slope back and are stepped so that antagonistic or problematic energies that come toward you can clump and slide off these steps.  With the reminder of the shield you wear, you shift your understanding that you have control and you can create a safer space for yourself to be in.


Direction: Centre
BONE wisdom offers to you:
~ inner most truth ~

In this collection animal bones are used – the bones that were used to create these jewelry pieces are a treasure: a gift found in nature. They are proof that life existed before death + prove life goes on even after death.

As we look upon these bones and treasure their beauty, we can reflect on the bones, structure, and stories within our own body.

Death + Eternal life
for bones are what stays after you are gone
Your truth is in your bones,
what is your story?
what is your heritage?

Scientists can study bones to articulate age, origin, and history of remains.

Bones are our architecture- their structure houses our vital organs and builds the shapes within which we live. They are a Protection of our vitality.

When you reach into the very inner layers of yourself, you hit bone, bone where vitality exists, where your life-blood/new blood cells are made in your marrow.

Have you looked at bone structure under an electron microscope? It looks like files of paper. What is stored in your files? What is your story, your inner most truth?

  • A piece from the BONE collection can help you in your journey if:

  • You are in need of connecting to your inner most Truth.

  • You are looking at uncovering the deep personal or ancestral stories within in you.

  • To remind you of the miraculous-ness of life + death.

  • Is there something you are currently celebrating the life of?

  • Is there something you are currently memorializing the death of?